Study Abroad Week #18: Saying Goodbye.

Patrick Niyongabo, After Climbing the Arthur's Seat in Hilly Edinburgh, Scotland's capital!

Are you wondering why I skipped week #17. Well, it is because at some point tomorrow, afternoon, it will have been exactly 18 weeks since I arrived in the UK. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was on Wednesday, Feb the 03rd, around 4:30 pm that I landed at the East Midlands Aiport. I can’t believe how fast time goes by. As it is been said by many, time flies so fast when you are happy, and the more fast it flies the more it makes you sad.

Back to the celebration of 18 weeks living in the UK, what i can say. I will miss this place. Having met so meny nice people here and having had a chance to travel around occasionally and learn a bit about various places and their history, I really enjoyed my stay here. Maybe now it is time to strat planning my next trip, I may even come back to Nottingham, you never know what will happen in the future.

Anyway, 18 weeks is a long time to spent somewhere that is not your permanent home. My visa says I was student visitor, but I think I had started to become more than that. I learnt a lot and immersed myself in the UK lifestyle and culture, that this country has started to feel like a temporary home; and I am proud I did. that because I kinda had to in order to  really enjoyed my life

The only advice I am willing to give to people considering studying abroad is to let the new life/lifestyle takes over, and guides them through everything. Forget everything you know, and be happy to learn. Forget about everything you read on the internet and just go meet local people, and learn from them.The only thing I can add to advise to follow your instincts and make your own decisions. It is true that you’ll regret some of the decisions you made, but the experience/adventure is worth it.

By immersing myself into my new life and following my own reason when taking every decision, I managed to have a very good time while keeping up with my not-so-easy abroad classes. And by the time, I board my flight on Thursday, I will still be glad that every second (almost 11 million seconds in total – geeky alert!) of 2016 that I spent abroad is second that I lived happy and proud of myself.

I want to end this last study abroad blog post by thanking God the Almighty, my family & friends, all people who made sure this study abroad experience happened in the first place, and last but not the least, everyone who keeps me in their thoughts and prayers.





Author: Patrick NIYONGABO

My name is Patrick Niyongabo. I am Rwandan. I am a student at Hendrix College majoring in Computer Science with an International Business minor. I spent the Spring Semester of 2016 studying abroad in England at Nottingham Trent University, and I used this blog to document my adventures.